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The New ETA
Interactive Touch Screen Range


55″  65″  70″


7 Year Warranty


Designed and developed in the UK


Of all the various brands of touch screen we have installed in schools, I have to say that BVS Interactive touch screens are our favourite. They’ve hit the sweet spot for build quality, features and value for money !


James Hartle, Blue Gecko IT

“We cannot find a better quality product at this price, and one that is backed by such excellent service!”

“The 14 ECOtouch screens are in place now and children and staff love them as they’re so multi-functional and of such good quality.”

“Just to say a big thank you for your help in supplying and installing our new BVS ECOtouch Screen. Your service has been second to none.”

“The BVS ECOtouch Screen is brilliant. It has excellent clarity and very fast responsiveness. It is just like having a massive iPad on a wall.”

“I was very impressed with your knowledge and understanding of what’s needed in education. I’ve just ordered 5 more ECOtouch screens and will be ordering more in the very near future.”

“The BVS ECOtouch screens work seamlessly with our Apple TVs and the children love being able to use the technology that is an integral part of their daily lives.”

“The 2 BVS 65” Screens are absolutely stunning! If any school is considering purchasing touch screens, your BVS ECOtouch 65” Screens tick all the boxes!”

“I am very pleased with the BVS ECOtouch screen, including its build quality and the range of functions.”

“What was most exceptional was the after-sales service from BVS. When we had a problem with our device, a replacement was brought out to us the very next day.”

I was very impressed with your knowledge and understanding of what’s needed in education. Money is tight within education and your BVS ECOtouch prices are very competitive.

The reseller provided us with an excellent product at an excellent price, but what was most exceptional was the after-sales service.

Really pleased with the finished installation of our new ECOtouch screens and the excellent level of service you have provided. Furthermore, your prices are very keen and affordable.

From my initial contact to the subsequent order, delivery and installation of our first ECOtouch screen, we have been delighted with the service, product knowledge and cost of the equipment.

You provided me with excellent product knowledge and the relevant guidance. We are extremely pleased with the quality of the product and service, many thanks

Quality and Features designed for every application

Built-In Android PC

The Interactive Touch Display comes with a powerful integrated PC running Android 5.0 with 2GB RAM and 16GB internal memory and built in Wi-Fi.

Optional Windows OPS PC

We offer two versions of the slot-in OPS Windows PC; one high performance and one more budget friendly. By using a slot-in OPS PC you can have both Android and Windows built in without needing to connect any external devices.

10-Point Infrared Touch

Using the most durable and robust commercial touch technology available. Use anything such as your finger, or one of the styluses included, as your pointer.


Wireless Mirroring

Connect to the Interactive Touch Display from any smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC or Mac wirelessly. Using mobile devices you can mirror the display in both directions, and even take control of the Interactive Touch Display, from anywhere on the same Wi-Fi network. Mirroring via 5GHz allows users the best wireless experience available with fast mirroring and less interference. All of this without the need of additional wires or transmitters.

Seamless file sharing .

Once your device and the Interactive Touch Display are on the same netowrk you can quickly and easily share content to and from your device. Project videos, images and audio files stored on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC directly to the touch screen. You can also share files from the Interactive Touch Display to your device using various methods such as email or scanning a QR code. Files can easily flow between the Interactive Touch Display and an unlimited number of devices.


Easy Access Ports and Controls

Quickly and conveniently connect your own laptop to the screen using the front facing HDMI and Touch USB ports. There are also USB ports connected to the internal PC for easy access, these can also be used for the optional OPC PC when connected (excludes 55” model).


Flexible connectivity options

The rear of the screen features AV inputs that allow for more permanent connections such as AV in and out, Audio in and out, RS-232, VGA, DP, HDMI, YPbPr and USB.




Etched Glass

Improves tactility for smoother touch gestures, especially useful when there is more than one user touching the screen. The anti-glare nano coating also diffuses external light so that images and videos are much clearer.


Stunning Enclosure

The flawless enclosure is crafted from black aluminium and assembled in segments so the enclosure can remain sexy and sleek with its rounded corners. It also has a polymer rear cover to keep it super slim and lightweight. The 55” model also features rounded corners but is made with a mild steel enclosure.



Smart Pen Stylus for wireless control

There are two interactive ‘Smart Pens’ included with the Interactive Touch Display. These special styluses allows you to control the display wirelessly from anywhere in the room. You can change the pen tool colour, save annotated documents, navigate through a PowerPoint presentation and go back to the ‘MeetingPad’ home screen.

As well as two ‘Smart Pens’ also included are two magnetic styluses, that can attach to the front of the display, and an extendible pointer.

Screen Projection Dongle

If you want to mirror your PC, laptop or Mac’s display directly to the touch screen you can do so without having to install any software. Simply connect to the same network as the touch screen, insert the Screen Projection Dongle and launch the software on it, without the need for any installation.



Annotate over your display with Free MeetingPad Software

State of the art ‘MeetingPad’ Software brings the Interactive Touch Display to life. Annotate over the display on any input and wirelessly mirror and file share between your devices and the screen with no additional hardware required. The wireless features are all compatible with Android, Apple and Windows devices and even allow you to annotate and control the screen from your device. There are no subscription or licence charges for this remarkable software.

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  Key Features 

OKTOPUS Software

For total peace of mind, check out our range of

Fully installed solutions

SMART Software

FREE direct delivery

Your screens will be delivered direct to your classrooms, so you don’t have the further transportation issues related to kerbside deliveries


Your old equipment will be de-installed as part of the installation service.

7 Year Warranty

Every screen comes with a leading 7 year warranty for total peace of mind.


We help teachers to deliver great lessons by including training for all supplied software; available with selected installed solutions.


We can recycle your old equipment as well as all your packaging; available with selected installed solutions.

All  Solutions  



 With our “Premium” range of installed solutions, you have everything you could ever want plus more!


  • Screens delivered direct to site avoiding kerbside drops

  • Full professional installation

  • Old equipment de-installed and recycled

  • Teachers trained on the supplied software


Self install


With our choice of self install packages, you have everything you need for a professionally installed touch screen solution.



All our products are available to buy or rent via a fully DfE compliant operating lease.

Why BVS ECOtouch

Our ethos is all BVS products must remain affordable at all times and the BVS ECOtouch Interactive Touch Screens are no exception. They continue to remain the best value interactive touch screens on the market providing true quality and reliability for your classrooms and meeting rooms. Our testimonials are proof. In addition to the industry leading 7 Year Warranty, all BVS ECOtouch systems are supplied as standard with either the powerful Qwizdom OKTOPUS, which allows presentation, annotation, collaboration and voting in an all encompassing software suite, SMART Learning Suite including Smart Notebook software or RM Easiteach.

Why Interactive Touch Screens

Interactive Touch Screens represent an all in one solution for teaching and presentation. Designed using the latest technologies, they offer greater efficiency and are more environmentally friendly. The need for a projector is eliminated resulting in an absence of any glare or shadows, a drawback often experienced with interactive whiteboard and projector setups. For these reasons and more,  schools, colleges and other establishments are increasingly switching from Interactive Whiteboards and Projectors to Interactive Touch Screens.

  • Bright & suitable in all lighting conditions
  • No shadows
  • Long 50,000 Hour LED lamp life
  • Minimal energy consumption
  • Environmentally friendly with reduced carbon footprint
  • Minimal running costs
  • No ongoing lamp replacement costs
  • No calibration required
  • Flexibility to mount at any height
  • Cheaper than a Whiteboard & Projector solution